Post Covid Reflections on the Urban Development

The recent events have accelerated the shift of the remote working trend which had already started a while ago, however it is now almost certain that the shift has already taken place. The Global lockdown was a mass experiment that raised the acceptance of remote work and how effective it can actually be.

In the UAE almost all the employees – who work in sectors that can work remotely – were at home experiencing how they can pursue their duties remotely, nearly half – 49 percent – of the residents feel that they are more productive when they are working from home while 57 percent say that they can save time and money by avoiding a daily commute according to a new survey by global staffing firm Robert Half. The aforementioned facts – and many others – are like an announcement of a new era taking shape globally in a rush looking for new demands, starting from upgrading the infrastructure to alternatives for communication and collaboration that have been forced upon us to a certain level.

As the world economy is facing a depression that is affecting almost everyone, some industries are slightly less influenced or not influenced at all like (online shopping – tech companies – healthcare – pharma – etc.) while other sectors have received a huge loss such as construction, hospitality and aviation.  Neighborhoods that we currently live in around the UAE are experiencing a lack of function diversity, in another words, we live in a residential neighborhood, and we work in the business or industrial zone, then we hang out at the entertainment zones, beaches and malls.  Often these areas are not in walking distance. We thought about introducing a connection between the residents and their neighborhood to create hybrid communities that have a more a resilient character and that can be interrelated with the new wave of working remotely.


The Productive Center

As a result of the analysis, we reached to a form of architectural space as an outcome of our communities that we live in and to match the current and future challenges that we are witnessing.  We call it “The Productive Center”, the center is a community space with facilities that grant people the chance to work remotely, socialize, workout and participate within their communities, “The Productive Center” shall integrate different communities’ patterns into a unique environment:

The Program of “Productive Center”

1. Work
Co-working space with different options to work (work in group – work in open space –
work in an enclosed office), in addition to meeting rooms, quiet rooms for phone calls
or virtual meetings, library, lounge area, server and printing area.

2. Socialize
Recreational space such as a cafe or a lady’s salon or mens majilis.

3. Shop
Market area for mandatory items or even for some inhabitants to exhibit some homemade products.

4. Workout
Indoor cycling and jogging treadmill with some greenery view and sunlight.

5. Play
Playground and nursery to take care of the young while their parents are working.

6. Innovate
Multi-function space with flexibility and a courtyard if possible, for public talks,
exhibitions or events.

The future of the urban environment that surround us has many challenges to overcome, yet to preserve the community feeling, hybrid communities will play an important role in further development.

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  1. Daniel Winegarden

    Love this hypothetical design’s response to new perceptions post-COVID. For instance, the outdoor meeting spaces around the periphery of the tower. Dubai is already known for its stunning architecture. And Dubai with its year-round coastal climate has design opportunities not practical in Minneapolis or Chicago. This is a great example of design adapting to emerging needs and the local site. Always appreciate great created spaces that improve the human experience.

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