Dubai, UAE


  • Total Plot Area: N/A
  • Built Up Area: N/A
  • Floors: N/A

The term Erg takes its name from the Arabic word ʿarq (عرق), meaning “dune field” that keeps on moving and changing its shape. The design objective is to create a standout brand, an urban incubator that can nurture and activate outdoor space. The stall concept had been developed to affirm all the client requirements, from balancing between the budget and a luxurious effect. The Erg Stall reacts with the crowd from all sides starting from the visual contact to the commercial use of the exhibit, along with a seating area on the backside that invites users to sit and relax.  The modularity of the design gives the opportunity for various sizes and layouts that can all serve different functions, while the floor electrical outlet connection can use the solar panels on the roof or alternatively be connected to the electrical grid.

Aside from the aesthetics, functionality and interactivity of the design, we also focused on the practicality.  The Erg stall can be towed like a trailer as it is provided with wheels attached to the main structure, as well as operable/ removeable sides and a front roller shutter that can allow the renter to securely lock it down.


Visual Identity

Experience Design