Dubai, UAE


  • Total Plot Area: 107 sqm
  • Built Up Area: 107 sqm
  • Floors: G

The Abwab pavilion is an urban design that responds to the context and enhances the interaction with the visitors to create a unique and memorable experience. The pavilion consists of 3 essential layers that encourages the victors to interact with the space.

  1. THE REFLECTING SHED: floats over the pavilion to blend with the surroundings, while allowing the sunlight through a central circular opening to enlighten the interior space.
  2. THE ARCHES CELEBRATION: encourages people to rest, read and explore the space, which also permits access from all sides.
  3. THE VIBRANT FIELD: is a free space created by the flow of users through the pavilion.

The pavilion design created some visual illusions by using the reflecting roof which gives an effect of a raised reflective water feature. To achieve a high level of construction sustainability, recycling and upcycling techniques had been adopted to provide the majority of materials required.


Visual Identity

Experience Design